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In today’s modern wedding you can have it all.

Everything from a cathedral wedding with a hotel reception followed by a ballroom social to a simple non-traditional single location ceremony, reception, dinner and dance to a civil ceremony with an intimate dinner in a private residence to follow.

No matter what your unique way of celebrating your love is, nothing makes it better than live music played by real professionals!

We have done all sorts of these types of wedding events.

Your typical wedding goes like this:

  • The musician(s) are set up and ready play to the left of where the bride, groom and party will be for the ceremony.
  • The music is played starting around 20 minutes before the scheduled start of the wedding ceremony. Sometimes they start earlier if guests arrive sooner and sometimes later if no one comes.
  • On cue the music stops, the officiant makes a short announcement and (again on cue) the musician(s) play the processional(s)
  • At the 2/3rds point is usually the signing and usually music is played here.
  • The Bride and Groom are now introduced as Husband and Wife. After the applause the recessional is played.
  • What happens next can vary. Sometimes this all you want from the musicians. Many times we are contracted to play for the cocktail hour before dinner.
  • Sometimes we play the cocktail hour AND the dinner portion and stop at the dessert speeches portion.

Here are some other ‘variations on a theme’.

  • Play outside for the wedding then move indoors for the cocktail hour.
  • Play in one room for the ceremony and another for the reception.
  • Not play at the wedding but waiting at the hotel ballroom for guests to arrive for drinks, appetizers and dinner and play throughout the night.

What ever your plans we are sure we can come up with the music that will fit your event and budget.

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