Winnipeg Wedding August 4th Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

I can now recommend the Reflection pool at the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden for wedding rain or shine.

On August the 4th 2018 I played a solo guitar wedding ceremony at the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.

Now with all outdoor weddings I insist and make clear that there needs to be a rain day plan. Unfortunately the nodding yes at the meeting rarely translates into the bride readily agreeing to move indoors on the actual day.

My greatest wish for any outdoor weddings is that it doesn’t rain at all and there isn’t a cloud in the sky or it is pissing down rain.

If it is ever something in-between, then the bride rarely goes indoors.

This time was no different. It was overcast, water falling from the sky, forecast calling for rain all afternoon…but because it ‘sometimes’ didn’t rain, the bride thought it was OK.

I always make it clear I don’t play in the rain, I don’t play between showers, I don’t play outside when a reliable source says it  is going to rain.

Electricity and water are a bad mix

This bride was at least somewhat understanding. (Unlike a bride from last year who made seniors in electric wheelchairs sit in pounding rain)
Her first solution was to have me set up in the gallery. Ready To play solo guitar at the Leo Mol Gallery Winnipeg

This didn’t work for 2 reasons

  1. Most of the guests were already milling about because a late time change, to 30 minutes later, confused them/they weren’t told.
  2. No one was going in there because the wedding wasn’t there and , like the time change, they didn’t tell anyone.

But it turns out that the park now sets up a shelter for these days. Maybe in part because of the bride, who last year got married in a down pour, had me standing under an umbrella held up by park staff while I played (hey I was drier than the grand parents getting soaked in their wheelchairs)

Either way I had them run electricity out there and I sat dry. It rain a bit more while I set up and a bit during the service but it went off with out a hitch.

Wedding Guitar at the Refelction Pool Leo Mol Sculpture Garden


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