Wedding Event June 23 Lockport Manitoba

Walking around a Canadian Tire in Winnipeg, I received a call from Nova Scotia. Debbie and Todd wanted live music for their wedding ceremony and reception. In particular they wanted songs from the great American Songbook. Perfect timing, as their wedding coincided with the jazz festival (Ironically there is very little jazz at the jazz festival).

The Ceremony was held in the Sunset Room of Gaffers in Lockport Manitoba (about 45 minutes north of Winnipeg)

All Ready to play the wedding

I played the pre-ceremony portion with solo guitar. For the groom and the bride’s kids I played “God Bless the Child”
For her walk to the front I played Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus (Here Comes The Bride) but threw in so ‘jazz’ chords to keep the flavour going.

7 string guitar head stock over sheet music


We then played the next 90 minutes as a voice and guitar duo. On Long gigs like that, where I am the only instrument, I like to spice it up with some different sounds and textures. So I used my EH Freeze and my Boss RC-300

It was a fun gig and we received a lot of positive feed back.