The Jazz Wedding

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Among all the themed weddings, one of our favourites is the jazz wedding!

Every jazz wedding we have done has been fun for the bride, groom, guests and even the musicians.

What is a jazz wedding? Well quite simply it is a wedding that uses songs from the Great American Songbook interpreted by jazz musicians.

Your ceremony (or more) can be made personal and unique by just having jazz music. But we have had wedding couples take it even further. In some cases the bride, groom and wedding party will go the extra mile and dress in fashions and accessories that have a jazz theme. Typically roaring twenties,
depression and prohibition era clothing is the most popular choice.
Now you can have the 20’s themed wedding with the jazz music but you do not have to be stuck with only using music from the 20’s. That would be a little limiting so we think you should be able to use jazz music from any era.

Composers like Gershwin, Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Hoagy Carmichael, Duke Ellington and our personal favourite, Jimmy Van Heusen! Song for this catalog offer some the best and most sentimental lyrics ever written and are perfect for expressing your feeling of love on your wedding day.

Just like all our weddings, you can choose the size and instrumentation that suits your taste and budget.

While you can go with a solo guitar we recommend you have at least 2 musicians to give that authentic jazz feel you and your guests will love!



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