Outdoor Weddings

Are you planning an Outdoor Wedding?

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They are a great idea and we have provided music for many. Before you settle on a wedding ceremony out of doors there are a few things to consider.

  • Do you have a close by rain day/inclement weather alternate location?
  • Will there be electricity?
  • Will any guests have a hard time getting to the location, is there lots of walking?
  • Will there be shelter in the event of an extremely hot and sunny day?
  • Will bugs make the experience unpleasant for all?

When planning the outdoor wedding most Winnipeg – ers know there could be any type of weather that day…even in the middle of summer. So it is logical to have a ‘rainday’ alternative. It should be close so that any late comers can get directions and not have to drive across town. It should also be noted that even a little rain or soaked ground after a storm be consider a reason for re-locating. The ladies high heels on soft ground or musicians and officiants getting electrocuted in light rain or damp grass is NOT how you want your special day to be remembered!

At your Outdoor wedding there should be a PA system for the officiant (also I think it would be nice at all weddings if the bride and groom speaking their vows could be heard). You might think that music played outside would not need any amplification but it is quite the opposite. Outdoors, there are no acoustics to help carry or reflect the sound. As well, you’d be suprised at how noisy the outdoors can be at most Winnipeg locations. The Leo Mould Sculpture garden is right on a fly way and the Gates of Roblin is right by the highway.

Also to be considered with the outdoor wedding is how to get the older and otherwise less ambulatory to the ceremony location.

On the other side of the extreme weather continuum is HEAT. It might be nice to have shade in the form of trees or a shelter for those bringing babies, stroller-ed children or anyone looking for relief.

A wedding out of doors can be the perfect, but challenging venue but don’t let it stop you from having real live music. Even if there is no electricity or the location is off the beaten path we can still help you.

Acoustic instruments and battery powered amplifiers are two solutions.

We have done weddings on beaches, in the forest and the middle of fields. If you are willing to have your wedding service there, we can provide the music.

Please note not outdoor events will be accepted for dates before May 24th or after September 21st

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