Outdoor Fall Wedding – Ralph Conner House – Winnipeg

Technically, fall doesn’t start the middle of September. This far north of the 49th parallel, fall comes early. The temperature was right on the cusp of being too cold. The event was held at Ralph Conner House, one of many old Winnipeg estates that have been converted into restaurants, B&B’s or conference centres or event locations. I have never played here before so after 20 odd years of working the music scene in Winnipeg, it was a rare chance to play someplace ‘new’. (if playing in a centuries old house counts as new)

They choose the well worn Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

I have played 1,00s of weddings and it never ceases to amaze me the attitude of the officiants. Not all of them but most. Most will tell me what I already know. Like what songs I am playing when I am playing them. Stuff I have gone over with the wedding couple.
If it stopped there, I’d be fine. But on this occasion she came over while I was doing the pre-ceremony music and started talking/telling while I was playing! Then when I started the music for the ceremony she waved at me madly like she was in charge and/or I was doing something wrong.

In the long run, I was there before she was and after she left. Me = 2.5 hours Officiant = 15 minutes.

What they do is mandated by law but what I do is more integral to to success of the event.

Despite her ham handedness, the event went fine. One of the pleasures of playing guitar at family events (or any type of event in Winnipeg, is that there will be a few that also play guitar. I play at a very high level, so the amateur and hobby guitar players I meet at these things are very gracious and appreciative.

This event was no different except it may have been the highest concentration of guitar playing aficionados I have ever dealt with.

It made for a fun afternoon.

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