Add the Timeless Touch of Music to Your

Once in a Lifetime Event!

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It may just be the most important day of your lives.

It may just be the one you have dreamed about for a very long time.

A year in preparation.

It all comes down to one day.

You should have the best venue, the best friends & family, the best officiant, the best photographer and…


That means experienced professionals!

At Winnipeg Wedding Music:

We Have the Experience We have been playing weddings in Winnipeg and the surrounding area for nearly 2 decades. Indoors & Outdoors, public venues & private residences.  After all these years and weddings; we know the venues, we know the set up locations, we know the various rooms in the major hotels and we know how to do weddings right!

We Are The Professionals  All our musicians are active Winnipeg music professionals. They don’t have another job. Music is their job. They aren’t students. Unlike a lot in the wedding business, we meet at our office (not a coffee shop) and we accept all forms of payment. We are professionals and so we dress for the occasion.
We show up early, we communicate very well and we listen to your needs

We Play Your Music at Your Wedding While many Winnipeg music groups will have a small to large repertoire of music for you to choose from, we have a huge repertoire and are also able to learn the music you want for your ceremony.

We Have the Best Sound System We use the Bose L1 System 2 Well know as the best in the business. It allows us to keep the volume reasonable while still being heard by everyone.

Have No Hidden Costs – Our Quotes Are Rock Solid.  Our prices are ‘per-event’ and not per hour. Your event will be the only one we do that day. This means we can tell you the price to day and if you change the start time, end time, etc. the price stays the same. Many wedding providers will give you a low opening quote and then come the add-ons. As well we don’t price differently for wedding like others do. If you were to contact us for a corporate event of home party, we’d charge the exact same. Just seems fair.

We aren’t just one group With many available music ensembles you are stuck with the set number of musicians AND you are stuck with set group of instruments. We always start with guitar but the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. musician can be almost anything available in the city of Winnipeg!

You Can Choose Your Ensembles Based on Budget and/or Taste

  • A Single Musician (always solo guitar)
  • A Duo
  • A Trio
  • Quartet
  • Some background music
  • Vocal or purely instrumental


Let the professional musicians at Winnipeg Wedding and Event Music take care of it for you.

Providing Music in Winnipeg since the year 2000 means we know the wedding music business we have what it takes to make your special day go exactly according to YOUR plan.

We use only the finest musicians in town.

Whether you need music for your ceremony, cocktail reception,  dinner or any event, we can provide the finest music available in the city of Winnipeg!

Jazz, Classical or tasteful Popular music played or sung in an elegant and professional manner.

Wedding Music Winnipeg
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