Since the Year 2000 we have been providing Wedding Ceremony Music, Reception and Social music for 100's of Brides and Grooms in Winnipeg. We invite you to compare all of the features and options to see why our music services have been chosen by so many.

Winnipeg Wedding Music is Different because we are not a single set group with a static repertoire. All the Groups are based around Winnipeg's only professional multi-instrumentalist, Robert Burton.

Robert is the city's only active 7 string solo guitarist as well as one of Winnipeg's best drummers and busiest musicians. He is Also the Director of The River Heights School of Music and owner of River Heights Recording Studio so you are working with the real deal.

Another thing that sets us apart, we are not a music agency we are musicians first.

So you have a fairly unique situation where the person who you book your music with will be with you every step of the way. Helping you with wedding options, helping you choose your music and being on site playing your music.

That is 100% accountability you just can't get anywhere else.


Unlike many of the part time music people out there we are in the music business and accept all forms of payment.

Cash and cheques like the others but also Debit, Visa Master Card and PayPal.

Over the phone or in person!






  Winnipeg Wedding Music Other Wedding Music Providers
Only Using Qualified, Professional Musicians  
Your Choice of Ceremony Music  
Has Video and Audio Samples  
Not Just One Group, Offers Many Enesemble Choices  
Accepts Cash, Cheque, Debit Visa MasterCard and PayPal  

 P.A. System for Speeches and Anouncments (with vocal based Ensembles or special request)

With You Every Step of the Way  
Free Song Choice Consultation  
Indoor or Outdoor Weddings  




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