Choosing the Right Music for your Wedding Ceremony.

The great thing about us is we can do almost any song for your wedding ceremony. As we use only professional musicians and singers and so we can play almost any song for your special day.

Whether the music is classical, jazz or popular in nature.

Whether it needs to be read or figured out our team of great players can do it.

On top of that we don't make you responsible for finding or buying the music like others might.

And we don't charge extra for the service!

How Many Songs to Have at Your Ceremony?

Many couples come to us with one or 2 songs they want at their wedding, some come with 10 pieces of music and all want to know how many they need.

 Here are the potential places in your Wedding Ceremony for music. Ones marked with * are in every Ceremony.

  • *Processional: Where the Bride and party walk down the aisle.
  • Secondary Processional : this is where the bridal party will walk down the aisle before and without the bride
  • *Signing: Music played while the bride, groom, officiant and witness sign the certificate
  • Candle lighting/Sand Pouring: Music played during mid ceremony events
  • Communion
  • Poetry/readings/dedications: Music played while these things are orated (please note that if you want music played while someone is talking you have to specifically ask. Musicians will not play during speaking parts unless directed to.
  • *Recessional: Where the Husband and Wife walk back out (with wedding party and family following)

 So you can see you need at least 3 but up to 6 or 7 pieces picked out depending on the structure of your Wedding Ceremony.


How to Pick the Songs for Your Ceremony 

The first thing to decide is whether you want vocal or instrumentally based music. If you don’t know, then realize that most of the service is spoken word and 90% of weddings have instrumental music. 

Instrumental Music 

Picking songs to be played at your wedding can be tricky but not if you follow some simple guidelines. 

  • Pick songs that have melodies that are easily recognizable
  • Have music that reflects your feelings more than your tastes in music
  • Pick songs where the title says a lot about how you feel (Stand By Me, At Last, Always and Forever, You’re In My Heart, You Needed Me, etc.)
  • Pick songs that cross multi generational lines
  • Don’t pick songs that are too new
  • Don’t pick songs that are too obscure

Picking a new song with great lyrics but a 4 note melody is a bad choice for instrumental music and might be better suited for a vocal based setting. An older song with a clear melody is the better choice.

Vocal Based Music 

With a vocalist singing the words, you no longer have to worry about the familiarity of the melody but there are other concerns. 

  • The songs you pick can't be ones with male and female singers (duets)
  • An over the top performer might 'steal the show' from the bride and groom
  • The songs might need to already be in the singer’s repertoire.
  • If not, they might need a lot of notice
  • Might be best to pick from a singer’s existing repertoire (less choice but better performance)
  • Singers always need at least one musician unless they use canned background music and then it is no longer special.

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