River Heights Music Winnipeg has been providing live music for events across the city of Winnipeg since the year 2000!

That means we know the city, the venues and how to help you with your wedding ceremony and reception.

How are we different:
We are not a wedding planner we are not a talent agency.

The owner of Winnipeg Wedding Music is a professional musician. When you book your wedding or event with us, you are talking to the person who will play the music and be on site to handle things personally.
But many musicians are not professional. We mean that in more than one sense.

Firstly, music might not be other so called musicians, real job. That is the case more often than not.

Secondly, most musicians cannot accept the most popular forms of payment or use a phone app to do so. Which means; security issues and/or they get dinged with high service fees. It also tends to mean they don’t want to use the app or have a sliding scale depending on YOUR payment choice.

We accept all normal forms of payment and we have no sliding scale. The price we quote is stable whether you pay cash, cheque, debit, MasterCard and Visa.

We are also different as we have the largest pool of music professionals available. We have a cumulated a large network of musicians from our many years playing in this city. Add to that we are also the owners of the River Heights School of Music; we have another full avenue of highly qualified and skilled music professionals at our finger tips.

We are not ‘a band’. This means we are not restricted to a set repertoire or set number of musicians. We are way more versatile than ANY band or pre-existing ensemble.

We have played almost every venue in the city.

Here is a (by no means complete) list of the venues we have provided wedding ceremony, reception and event music.



  • The Manitoba Club
  • The Winnipeg Convention Center
  • The Winnipeg Art Gallery
  • The Fort Garry Hotel
  • The Fairmont Hotel
  • The Inn at the Forks
  • Qualico Family Center
  • The Winnipeg Winter Club
  • The Assiniboine Conservatory
  • The St. Norbert Arts Centre
  • Terrace 55/Tavern in the Park
  • The Lobby on York
  • The Marlborough Hotel
  • The Gates of Roblin
  • Leo Mould Sculpture Garden
  • Bergman's On Lombard
  • Bailey's
  • The Millenium Center
  • CanadInns
  • St Boniface Golf and Country Club
  • Niakwa Golf and Country Club
  • Pine Ridge Hollow
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